Dec. !8, 2017

One thing Thai people love to do at Christmas time is go caroling to share the blessings of the church with locals in the community. The Thai way to carol is a little different than how it’s done in the USA. Usually all the youth meet at the church, then the begin going around to the houses of the people who attend that church. When we arrive at the first home the house is completely dark like no one is at home. As we start singing, the lights in the houses come on and we are invited inside. After a few songs, we share an encouraging Bible passage and offer a special prayer for the people in that house. Then they bless us with a light snack. After we are done fellowshipping at that house, we ask the family members of that household to join us for caroling at the next houses. By the end of the evening most members of the church have join in the fun. This is just a small way to share God’s blessings with each other.