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Por’s Life Story

February 9, 2019 | 0 Comments

I was born into a troubled family. My parents separated and left us my two brothers and I with our grandma. We where a burden to her and it was very difficult for her to raise us. We didn’t have an opportunity to go to school and study. Because my grandma couldn’t care for us she looked for a place for us to stay like a dormitory or a temple with a school. She found a children’s homes for us to live at. I went to one place and my brothers to another. The children’s home that I went to help me until I was finished with high school.

I then had to decide what to do next keep on studying by going to university or get a job. My heart told me to go on with studying. The children’s home where I finished high school didn’t help students that go on to study at university. I decided I could get a job to help pay my way through university. At the beginning I thought I could do it but the longer i studied the harder it got to study plus work. I got discouraged and thought about quitting studying. During this time I had the opportunity to meet a family that changed my life.

Ken’s family allowed me to stay with them without paying anything so it would lighten my heavy load and I could focus on my studies. I lived with Ken’s until the guy students moved into a new house with James. James is Ken’s Thai partner in a ministry for university students called Hope for Tribes.

Hope for Tribes is a great ministry and has given me the opportunity to finish my studies. I was able to graduate from Rahajabhat University with a major in Hotel & Tourism.

I am very thankful for all I received. For Ken’s family for taking me in to their family when I needed help and was discouraged,for James who mentored and taught me about life, and my sponsor family who supported me financially so I could finish my university studies.

I am now working at a restaurant here in the city. My dream is to become chef one day.

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