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Need for English Center Teachers

April 14, 2019 | 0 Comments

Urgent need!  English speakers who want to share their first language with someone who wants to learn it as their second language. We are looking for people to come for at least three months at a time to teach and build relationships with university students. We would like to have three committed teachers to start the English ministry outreach. And a couple or single to help direct the English Center. We will have an area where students can come hangout, do homework, and interact with our staff. This area is for building relationships with students outside of english class. We also want to have weekly activities for the students come and be involves with like cooking night, game night, movie night, etc. to create an environment where students can see the love of Christ in action from our staff. 

The new semester starts the middle of June we would like to be open by then but it will depend if we have staff or not.

If you have questions, want more info, or know of someone who is interested in helping us make this expansion a reality please let us know hope4tribes@gmail.com or here on our website.

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