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Christmas in Thailand…

March 13, 2018 | 0 Comments

Dec. 19, 2017

The Christmas holiday season is new to the Thai people. Most Americans have grown up knowing a little something about Jesus and the Christmas story. Since Thailand is a Buddhist country they do not celebrate Christian holidays, so most of the people we are ministering to would have never heard anything about Christianity, let alone Christmas. But those of us who are Christians look forward to celebrating Christ’s birth and sharing Christ’s love. Because Christmas is a newer holiday for the Thai people, we want the Thai/Tribal people to know the true meaning of the holiday. So Christmas is a good outreach time, and Thai churches hold lots of Christmas celebrations to share the message by inviting local people to participate. In preparation for the Christmas celebrations we learn and practice Christmas songs and learn skits telling the story of Christ from His birth to His death. We read the Christmas story and spend time going into great detail so that the true meaning of the holiday can be understood. Audience participation games are a huge hit with attendees, and gifts of food or household items are given to our guests. Getting locals involved as much possible allows us to share God’s love as we celebrate this blessed day.

Please pray for us and the Thai churches that we would be effective in our ministry.

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